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Beauty Fiends and Color Junkies' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Beauty Fiends and Color Junkies

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Our dye shipments are all caught up! [Fri 4 Feb / 4:09pm]

As many of you are aware (those of you that read the product updates and follow our facebook that is!) the supplier for Special Effects Dye had an INSANE backorder on many of the most popular colors and that led to a lot of your dye orders experiencing major delays. However, we're pleased to let all of you know that dye shipments have gone out! If you're looking to order, colors are shipping right away! Thanks for your patience and we'll see you in the Attic!

Because so many people ask me how i can sleep with ma trihawk. [Sat 30 Oct / 10:32am]


I made some pictures of me lying in my bed.
Click here to see how easily i handle with this problem.

Save 15% off Your Attic Order! [Tue 13 Jul / 12:00pm]

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